Thursday, March 29, 2007

Sharing a point about SharePoint at Sharing-Point

Its been about a month since I have started working on Sharepoint 2007- the latest toy our company got for them selves. I have never worked on Sharepoint ever in my life. A month is long enough to tell you that the road to delivering our first mini-project in Sharepoint 2007 was more bumpier than I initially thought. My whole team, leaving one gentleman whom i call 'Koko', was new to the product. Koko had an opportunity in his previous work place to explore Sharepoint 2003. His previous exposure has helped this delivery that is due to happen tomorrow.
But apart from Koko's timely help, there were a lots of people who lent a hand without knowing me in person, people whos names I don't even remember - innumerable, generous people who took time out to put down what ever lil they knew of the product, out for free on the net- websites, blogs...
At the end of this whole exciting and messy rollercoaster ride, I am left feeling enriched. Feeling greatful. And feeling some strong emotions at the thought there is someone like me out there who is new to this expensive toy and is lost. So here, I will try to give back what little I have.
I have never written anything technical, out of my own interest. Let me know of any room for improvement and if there are any mistakes. So I am just sharing a point about SharePoint at Sharing-Point. Join me.