Friday, September 12, 2014

After restoring Site collection goes missing.

Its rare I listen to my instincts. I am famous for ignoring it. But today... desperate times humbled me enough to consider my instincts and that this what solved the issue.

I had been facing this issue since about 2 weeks (!!!! I know!).

Fresh installation of sharepoint. Only one site collection. A site collection back up that is around 23 GB is restored using STSADM's restore command. It takes 3-4 hours and executes with no hitches. User logs during the time of the restoration was 0KB. In Central Admin confirms its connected to the correct database. If you check the database size its about 21 GB that is in lines with the size of the back up file. But when you view the site, it gives 404- Webpage not found.

Tried a zillion things, finally what worked:
1) Detach Content DB
2) Attach Content DB

I did this through central admin:

I had felt like trying this a week ago, but logic did not allow me. But I had nothing to lose - I should have just tried it. Well anyway its a happy ending.

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