Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Sharepoint 2013 logs me in as Sharepoint\System account !!!!

PROBLEM: I was using a particular user account 'Domain\useracct' to remote into a Sharepoint server. However, upon opening Sharepoint Central Admin or any site, I would always be recognised as 'Sharepoint\system' user and it would not allow me to log in as another user (Domain\UserAcct). (This has been bothering me for weeks)

WHY: Apparently, the Sharepoint instance was using the same account for its application pools, (Central Admin-> Security->Configure Service Accounts) and if you log using the credentials used by the application pools, then you will be recognised as Sharepoint\System. You should never use any service accounts to interact with Sharepoint.

RESOLUTION: Go to Central Admin-> Security->Configure Service Accounts, change the service accounts being used, then you can happily log in using 'Domain\UserAcct' .

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